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Asin Biodata

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Welcome to Asin World


orginal name: Asin Thottumkal
Film name: Asin
meaning of the name "Asin" is a combination of
"A" from Sanskrit (East) ,and "sin" From English (West).
It mean - "With out blemish - pure". It symbolises the modern
indian who is a combination of eastern and western cultures
Date of birth: 26 october 1985
Place of birth: cochin
Hails from the state of : kerala
Mother tongue: Malayalam
Langueges known: Malayalam,Tamil,Telugu,Hindi,Sanskrit,English,French
About family members
Father - Joseph Thottumkal (Businessman)
Mother - Dr. Seline Thottumkal (Doctor)
Education: LKG  to 10th  standard, Naval public school. Cochin ,+1,+2,
St. Terasa's Hr. Sec. School
now studiying... B.A English Litt.  at St. Terasa's college, cochin
Dress: Jeans, Shirts
Cartoon: Tom and Jerry
Food: Small Fresh Water, Fish fried with Kerala Rice
Definition of Love: Love is to extend onself to nurture the all-around devolopment
of another as a person.
Roll models: parents
What i like most: simplicity
What i hast most: dishonesty
What is life: " Life is a tale told by an idiot, full,   of   sound   and   fury,  signifying
nothing...But we have to attribute meaning to it."
Charitable activities: What is done by the rigth hand is not to be know even by the left

Asin Biodata....



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